Advantages and disadvantages of sample furniture purchase


March is the peak season for promotion, and all stores are accumulating strength during this time, and they will wait until the arrival of 3.15. There are countless promotional tricks, in addition to some conventional promotional programs such as price reductions, discounts and discounts, there are also sample promotions. The price of the wardrobe sample is much cheaper than the average home price. Many consumers can accept that the wardrobe is not new, but they do not know the trap of "no after-sales". Therefore, consumers should be rational when buying samples.


Miki French solid wood sofa combination + coffee table


Be wary of the lack of after sales traps for low-priced samples


According to past experience, at the end of February, many home stores will start promotional activities, among which there will be some special "samples" for consumers to choose. Such samples are either old-fashioned or unfashionable, or have stains, but the price Very favorable. Many consumers only see the advantage of price when buying, and pay little attention to other links. For example, "non-refundable and non-refundable wardrobe sample trading is an unspoken rule in the industry." However, when some consumers buy samples, they are not informed by the sales staff. When I bought it and found a problem during the installation, I found the merchant, but the merchant refused to refund or repair, because the purchase of "samples" does not include these services. Therefore, while enjoying the discount, consumers should also be alert to the trap of "the lack of after-sales for low-priced samples".


Sample furniture old damage and after-sales lag


However, although the price of sample furniture is favorable, its after-sales service is also quietly discounted. The reporter learned that some sample furniture will be worn and scratched for a long time in the store. At the same time, when consumers find that there is a quality problem with the sample furniture, most of the merchants also refuse to replace or repair it for free on the basis of "the sample will not be returned". It was found that some merchants also made it clear that the sample furniture does not provide free delivery and installation services. Consumers can only pay for freight or choose to Pick up the sample furniture.


Industry insiders said that at present, furniture brands regularly update products every year. For the eliminated samples, merchants will launch low prices to speed up shipments to stimulate consumers' desire to buy and quickly return funds. Some samples are even less than 50% off sales, so sample furniture is a sought-after item. However, the sample furniture products are also mixed with dragons and dragons. Some sample furniture launched by some merchants are actually stock furniture. Therefore, consumers should not only buy cheap samples, but must see the quality clearly to avoid selecting defective products. At the same time, consumers should ask whether they can enjoy the "three guarantees" and other services for the sample furniture they bought, and specify the relevant after-sales service in the contract.


Samplers have their unique advantages


"Recently renovated the store and introduced more new products, so the current old products are sold at the lowest price." The sales staff of a brand furniture store near Hebei Road said that the current sample products are all 50% off. Due to the preferential price, more than 80% The sample furniture has been sold. Yesterday, I visited some large-scale home furnishing stores in the New District and found that a number of brand home furnishing products have recently launched "product upgrades and special offers for all samples" for some samples. It can be seen that in the clearance leaflet of a furniture store , the attractive price of "the original price of 15,000 yuan for the leather sofa , the sample price of 8600 yuan; the original price of the solid wood bedside table is 580 yuan, and the sample price is 200 yuan" has attracted many consumers Purchase.


"If the new furniture is customized, it will take about a month to arrive, and it will be used after the installation. The sample furniture has been placed for a long time and can be delivered directly to the door and used." The wardrobe is being purchased Mr. Dong, a member of the public, said that the price of sample furniture is also much cheaper than that of genuine products. Therefore, the beds, wardrobes, bookcases and other furniture purchased after the renovation of his new house are samples. It is understood that the sample furniture has been favored by many consumers due to its short delivery time, good environmental protection, and favorable price.


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