After the Lantern Festival, the furniture industry ushered in the peak of "robbing"


As a big shoe and furniture town, since the Spring Festival holiday, Houjie has held a special recruitment fair for furniture and a special recruitment fair for shoes. A visit to the recruitment site found that in the Year of the Horse, furniture factories and shoe companies adjusted their salary and benefits. The salary of technicians in furniture companies has reached more than 4,000 yuan, and some have reached 5,000 or 6,000 yuan. The salary of workers is more than 3,000 yuan.


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In addition to technician jobs, the salaries of general workers have also risen overall this year. Enterprises said that after the Lantern Festival, they will usher in a real "peak" recruitment and "robbery" battle.


The post-90s are rare among job seekers


In the two successive job fairs held in Houjie Town recently, it was found that the job seekers on the spot were mainly post-70s and post-80s, and the new generation of workers after the 90s were rare. In response, Huang Jing, director of human resources marketing at Houjie, pointed out that post-90s job seekers are more casual and have less purpose, and are not too “cold” for the special job fairs; post-70s and post-80s Job seekers are very pragmatic, and they are all experienced people who have worked in this industry for several years.


After the Lantern Festival, usher in the peak of "robbing people"


In a special job fair in Houjie on the eve of the Lantern Festival, Zhuoguan Shoe's recruitment advertisement showed that it only recruited more than ten people, but this year the factory has a labor shortage of about 150 people. Yu Dajiang, the manager of the factory's administrative department, revealed that the factory mainly recruits technical workers because of the special job fair, while the recruitment of general workers adopts "introduction of old employees", "distribution of leaflets", and "cooperation with labor dispatch companies".


Huang Jing said that after the Lantern Festival, companies will urgently need talents because of the order pick-up, and the job seekers' mentality will stabilize, which will usher in a recruitment peak. Huang Jing analysis pointed out that, unlike the previous recruitment summit held at the beginning of the New Year's Day, the recruitment peak has occurred after the Lantern Festival in the past two years.


Salaries and benefits are rising


This year, whether it is a furniture company or a shoe company, the salary has been increased to varying degrees. Take Zhuoguan Footwear as an example. The salary of the quality control squad leader last year was 2,600 yuan, which rose to 3,000 yuan this year, and the salary increase rate of almost all positions reached four or five hundred yuan; Dingyi Footwear began in February this year. The base salary has been raised from 1,310 yuan / month to 1,400 yuan / month, and the benefits of "advance contract payment (ie average salary for the previous 12 months) per full year of work" have been added.


It was found that technicians in the furniture industry not only had a large demand, but their salaries were generally higher than those in the shoe and clothing industries. Among them, the wages of general workers in the furniture industry amounted to 2500 ~ 3500 yuan / month, and the wages of technical workers in woodworking and oil spraying amounted to 4000 ~ 5500 yuan / month.


Huang Jing analyzed that, compared with shoe companies, furniture companies employ a small scale. Seventy to eighty percent of the posts are high-end technical posts, which require a certain amount of experience and technical content, so the salary is higher. The footwear industry is just the opposite. Only 10% or 20% of the skilled workers account for 70% or 80% of the jobs, and new employees can be hired after only a week or two of training, so the salary is lower.


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