Hardware & Electrical Expo settled in Gaoling

Hardware & Electrical Expo settled in Gaoling

On October 23, the National Association of Industry and Commerce of Hardware and Electrical Machinery signed a cooperation agreement with Jinxia Economic Development Zone and Gaoling International Trade City, declaring that China (Changsha) International Hardware and Electrical Machinery Expo will be held annually in 2016 at Gaoling International Trade City. .

The hardware and electromechanical city built by Kaolin International Trade City is a professional market with double first floor design and street layout. According to reports, Kaolin Hardware & Electromechanical City adopts a large-scale design with a single storey of 5.6 meters, a variable two storey, double storey 3.9-5.6 meters on the first floor, 3.1-5.6 meters on the second floor, two-story variable three storey The floor load per square meter exceeds 800 kg.

It is understood that the first commercial and commercial 4.0 model of Gaoling International Trade City has passed the offline 12 major functional areas and the online 30 service platforms, presenting “integration of online and offline, integration of warehousing and logistics, integration of the entire industry chain, and "Integration of Service Chains" will lay out the business platform for future business in advance.

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