Daily maintenance of plastic machinery

In the process of using plastic machinery, it will be continuously worn and consumed, and over time, problems such as broken parts of equipment and reduced production will occur. So how do we maintain our equipment in normal times? Today, Yazhijiang Plastic Industry will bring you some maintenance knowledge of plastic machinery, and hope to help our customers.

Plastic machinery in the work, the need to maintain the plastic machinery, and this maintenance and maintenance should also be operated according to certain regulations, which is conducive to the operation of mechanical equipment, while maintaining the relevant equipment safety technical performance requirements, can be effective The guarantee of equipment and personnel is the greatest safety. Let's take a look at what's going on together:

1. Inspection before installation of equipment

The equipment is also composed of various components. Before installation, check the individual equipment components, check the main steel structure, bearings, bolts, etc., and at the same time, whether the surface condition of the parts is anti-corrosion, etc., make a record for this. Test later.

2. Delivery and maintenance of equipment

When the equipment is in normal operation, it must be carried out in accordance with the rules and regulations and daily and regular maintenance. The daily maintenance is mainly responsible for cleaning, fastening, lubrication, adjustment and anti-corrosion. This is checked every day, and regular maintenance, The maintenance and repair of mechanical equipment is carried out several times during the specified time, with cleaning, lubrication, adjustment, disassembly and overhaul as the central content.

3. Overhaul requirements

The overhaul of the equipment means that the damage of the equipment is very serious or the damage is very serious, and the mechanical performance is significantly degraded. At this time, the overhaul is carried out, such as the mechanical performance of the machine is significantly reduced, the fuel consumption is increased, and the operation is not working. Under the condition that the sound is abnormal or the equipment can not play the normal production performance, a comprehensive and thorough recovery repair method is adopted. At this time, the overhaul should be carried out according to the regulations, and the progress of the work should be arranged at the same time.

4. Scrap of equipment

In the process of overhaul, there will be the possibility of scrapping, and the maintenance professional will be responsible for the implementation. There must be records and acceptance. For equipment that exceeds and is close to the end of life, a certificate of overhaul acceptance should be provided before installation, and a record of scrapping should be made at the same time.

The above are the things that Yazhijiang Plastic Industry should bring to you in maintenance today. In the vast plastic machinery industry, all new and old customers should pay more attention to the daily maintenance of equipment, and the long-term maintenance of equipment may cause Damage to equipment components, resulting in reduced equipment output, safety, etc.

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