Municipal Consumer Protection Committee Furniture Office carried out honorary qualification supervision and inspection


According to reports, "China's top ten most influential brands of furniture", "China's top ten brands of mahogany furniture" ...... Nowadays, visiting a circle of furniture malls, this piece of well-made copper honor medals can win many consumers. Impression points. However, the recent supervision and inspection organized by the Municipal Consumer Protection Commission Furniture Office found that many of the so-called "green environmental protection", "quality certification", "famous brand" bronze certificate issuing units are not qualified, or even in vain.


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Recently, the Furniture Office of the Municipal Consumer Protection Commission organized a one-week social supervision and inspection of the Shanghai furniture market. The event inspected Jinsheng Furniture Mall, Yuexing Furniture Plaza, Red Star Macalline Wenshui Store, Jinhaima Furniture Plaza, World Trade Furniture Mall, Xiyingmen Redwood Boutique, Jianpailong Furniture Mall, Haomeijia Furniture Plaza, There are 13 furniture malls including Tongfu Yijiali Furniture Mall, Ouyamei Furniture Mall, and Guangzhong Road Redwood Store.


During the inspection, it was found that furniture manufacturers boasted about themselves and fooled consumers in advertising. Inspectors found honorary medals such as "China's famous brand", "China's outstanding green and environmentally friendly products", "China's 3.15 Integrity Enterprise" in the booth of a home furnishing company, and the issuing unit was "China Light Product Quality Assurance Center" and "China China Business Development Center ". There are also many furniture vendors' booths with "China's Top Ten Most Influential Brands of Furniture", "China's Redwood Furniture's Most Influential Brands", and "Advanced Units for Integrity Management in the Third Market in 2011", etc. The small medals and certificates are verified by the inspectors, and most of these awards are unqualified or even false. Some merchants admit that such honorary titles can be bought as long as it costs 3000-5000 yuan.


In the high-end furniture market, there are a lot of petty. According to the standard of "General Technical Conditions for Mahogany Furniture ", any sale of mahogany furniture must provide the "Mahogany Furniture Quality Express Card", "Furniture Instruction Manual" and "Conformity Certificate". During this inspection, it was found that about 70% of the mahogany furniture factories did not provide the "Express Card for Mahogany Furniture Quality", and many sales staff did not even know what the express card was. The inspection also found that some furniture manufacturers deliberately did not indicate the name of the mahogany tree, confusing the mahogany price difference. Some mahogany furniture booths did not use formal price tags, and the salesperson's explanation for this was that "the mahogany will soon increase the price again, and save the re-production of price tags." Consumer Protection Committee experts immediately pointed out that the lack of clear prices may often lead to salespersons looking at people's prices, there is a suspicion of ignoring consumers.


The person in charge of the furniture office of the Municipal Consumer Protection Commission said that through this social supervision and inspection, the furniture office will publicly disclose the problems found in the inspection based on the functions conferred by the Consumer Law and notify the furniture industry. Any suspected fraudulent consumption or serious false and false advertising will be transferred to the relevant administrative department for further investigation.

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