3.15 The most favorite furniture brand selection activity


When you count the brands in the furniture industry, you will find that a wide variety of products will dazzle you. Which furniture brands are most popular and loved by consumers during the New Year furniture promotion. Certain industry analysis and forecast.


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The series of surveys and selection activities include the online and offline survey of the 3.15 household consumption problem, which has brought consumers' confusion and opinions to the surface and formed recommendations and guidelines for the market. In addition, "Top Ten Consumers 'Favorite Furniture Brands" and "Top Ten Consumers' Favorite Building Materials Brands" will be selected, and these brands will be tracked in the future for their market performance and service quality.


At 2 pm on March 1, 2014, the above-mentioned relevant survey results and award presentation will be held in the middle hall of the C hall of the global home headquarters base.


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On the day of the press conference, consumers can receive a copy of the "10,000 yuan decoration fund" provided by Longfa Decoration and a "big gift package" provided by the global home headquarters base with this newspaper on the spot. During the same period, the building materials pavilion launched a trial operation and launched the "Huidong Guomen, enter the store to receive gifts" event; the flagship brand alliance of the furniture pavilion will launch a variety of ultra-low discount products, special packages, and auction products starting from "zero" yuan; The top 5,000 customers who enter the store can receive a gift package for the global home headquarters base without shopping, and multiple activities such as gift giving, shopping lottery draws, and cash back are carried out at the same time.


Related background


The Global Home Headquarters Base is a mega-management complex with domestic and overseas brand furniture and building materials as its main body, and it also integrates shopping, leisure, service, and appreciation functions. Its development goal is "top domestic, in line with the world." In 2014, the global home furnishing headquarters will increase its efforts to implement the development strategy: improve and implement various reform measures to strengthen and consolidate the development of the district; strengthen the regional expansion function, adhere to the ink-type expansion strategy; in new formats, online shopping platforms, New breakthroughs were made in innovative projects such as pan-home furnishing and self-operated development and application. Its consumption spans from children, teenagers, white-collar workers to mid- to high-end consumer groups, and strives to create a universal shopping mall that everyone can afford. The first phase of construction area of ​​300,000 square meters is about to open. It is mainly engaged in domestic and foreign well-known building materials and furniture brands, as well as upstream and downstream commodities and comprehensive supporting services in the construction industry, auxiliary materials and other industrial chains. The construction area of ​​the second phase is 420,000 square meters, to build a commercial complex including an international building materials home trading center, large commercial shopping malls, high-end commercial streets, chain restaurants, high-end business clubs and five-star hotels.


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