Huahong Jiediya Redwood Technology fills the market vacancy


Unique and practical, Huahong Jiediya Mahogany's European-style mahogany furniture inherits the traditional European artistic characteristics. Exquisite patterns, simple lines, and practical structural and functional design can make urban young white-collar workers have a strong resonance. And a deep understanding of the unity of the "line" in Western paintings and the local ethnic characteristics is another major feature of furniture. Huahong Jiedi Yahongmu is exploring a new world with new thinking, new horizons, and new contexts.

Huahong Jiediya Craft fills the market vacancy

In recent years, European-style mahogany homes have attracted attention and gradually penetrated into the young market. After years of development, the design of European-style mahogany furniture has simplified a lot in form. It uses simple geometric shapes to express objects, but it does not appear out of thin air. It evolved on the basis of the summary of the ancients ’experience and is based on its essence. Partly, removing its external form and using modern methods, it is the result of the modernization of ancient furniture.

Huahong Jiediya's European-style mahogany furniture design is unique. In the design of European-style mahogany furniture, traditional factors are used for redesign. Among many home styles, European-style design is the most prominent. European-style design is based on Chinese furniture. Some unique design elements are reused, incorporating more modern materials, such as acrylic, fabric, metal, glass, etc., and even mix and match Western and modern home design styles. Reduce the complexity of traditional Chinese style and increase the application of modern elements. The design of European-style mahogany furniture is more simple and fashionable, and the decorative effect is also more light and changeable. It is very natural to mix and match with a variety of home styles.

European-style mahogany furniture is very popular with consumers. The traditional Chinese furniture is mainly solid wood design, with a simple and stable design. Among them, the mahogany furniture of the Ming and Qing Dynasties was used as a model of Chinese furniture. Mahogany cabinets, blue and white porcelain, and four-poster beds are common elements of traditional Chinese furniture. However, because traditional Chinese furniture is not only expensive, but also relatively serious and heavy in the overall style performance, it is not attractive to ordinary people, especially young people, Huahong Jiedi Yajie Diya just filled this vacancy.

"Today, mahogany furniture companies have sprung up and market competition is becoming more and more fierce. This requires companies to broaden their thinking and develop new products. Choosing to make European-style mahogany furniture is a good way."

"We have to purchase every month, but we rarely see European-style mahogany furniture. Huahong Jiediya mahogany set a precedent." Facing Huahong Jiediya European mahogany, many dealers said, "European mahogany furniture The new style and high taste really make our eyes shine. Every year we will buy tens of millions of yuan in goods, all of which are Chinese-style mahogany furniture. Now, consumers are very interested in European-style mahogany furniture. European-style mahogany has seized the market opportunity and sales prospects It will be very good. "

Huahong Jiediya has been engaged in the design, production and sales of high-end mahogany furniture, and its products once led the market. After market research, Huahong Jiediya was confident in the development of European-style mahogany furniture and began to put his ideas into practice.

European-style mahogany furniture has both the style of modern furniture and the simple and beautiful appearance of Chinese furniture. After it was put on the market, the response was very good. "It's less than a month for trial operation. We have more than 100 customers who have purchase intentions, which shows everyone's love for European-style mahogany furniture." Huahong Jiediya salesperson opened the notebook and introduced.

"Of course, to seize the European-style mahogany furniture market does not mean that we have abandoned the production of Chinese-style mahogany furniture. Chinese-style furniture and European-style furniture go hand in hand, and learning to walk on two legs is our choice. Only two legs go Only in order to bring lasting impetus to the development of the enterprise, "said the person in charge of Huahong Jiediya.

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