Sun room insulation, sunshade, sunscreen treatment program allows you to bid farewell to the "sauna room"

In order to create a natural and open interior space, it is now a new trend to quote glass materials in many high-end residential building designs. More and more owners want to move outside indoors to fully enjoy the beautiful scenery of outdoor nature. However, the “free open” feeling caused by this large area of ​​glass also brings some problems. For example, in summer, it feels hot in the sun room, and ultraviolet rays even hurt the skin. So there are very owners who will spend their thoughts on glass. For example: to do the sun blinds or open skylights, glass film and doors and windows to design air convection to solve the problem of heat insulation in the summer sun room . It seems that all these methods can be used, but which one is better? Both durable and affordable? Too expensive for the owners can not afford it. Here I recommend several sun room insulation , sunshade, sun protection, cooling treatment program, maybe it helps you!

Sun room introduction

Sun room is also known as the glass room, foreign name: winter garden. The Sun Room is a non-traditional building constructed of glass and metal frames to achieve the purpose of enjoying the sun and getting close to nature. The Sunshine Room is a building that is highly recommended by people both at home and abroad for the pursuit of nature and fashion. The Sun Room is widely studied in the Shanghai area of ​​North China. Victory Industries needs to design and build according to the needs of the site and personal preferences. The interior layout can be decorated according to personal preferences. The balcony or terrace sun room is located in the whole house, so the visual connection is very important. It needs to be considered in keeping with the overall style of the building, while the overall tone is as consistent as possible.

Sun room how to design the most reasonable

The shape of the sun room is various, the design is novel, and its own craftsmanship makes it not only a beautiful decoration of the house, but also can enjoy the comfort of the interior. How can design minimize Yang Gangfa's price? Selecting a specialized solar housing system can achieve almost all possible design options for lighting and design. In the case where the maximum roof slope is 45 degrees, various fine opening windows are used depending on the selected ceiling shape.

This kind of opening window is installed on the roof of the sun room, which is both decorative and functional. It can also reduce the price of the sun room. The dormer windows become the highlights of the building, with an emphasis on the openness of the building, maximum glazing, avoidance of thermal resistance, and adequate ventilation. Failure to achieve adequate ventilation will not only be harmful to the building, but it will also affect the physical health of people living in the house.

How to achieve natural ventilation

Natural ventilation is achieved this way. The warm air is blown in through the top window that is installed at the highest point of the room, and cool air is blown in from the side window's hanging window fan or from outside. The natural ventilation efficiency comes from the proper size of the air inlet and outlet, as well as the sufficient distance between the air inlet and outlet. The natural ventilation design reduces the energy consumption of the sun room.


Sun room heat insulation, sunshade, sunscreen treatment program

1. Glass foil sun shade

The glass film fundamentally solves the problem of high temperature of the sun room, and can also achieve the visual line without shielding and maintain the visual transparency of the sun room. We generally choose Solar Gard insulation film.

2. Shading system sun protection

The sun room sunshade can not only block the ultraviolet and radiant heat, but also adjust the visible light to prevent glare; adjust the natural air flow to improve the environment. At the same time, the indoor temperature can be effectively reduced, indoor overheating can be avoided, and the injection of ultraviolet rays can be reduced by about 80%, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving and sun protection.

3. Open skylight ventilation cooling

The heat in the sun room was on the top, and when the skylight on the roof of the sun opened, the hot air ran out of the skylight.

4. Install air conditioning and refrigeration

Air conditioning can cool the sun room in the summer and heat in the winter.


5. Install water spray system to cool

The water spray takes away the heat of the sun room objects and cools down, and can achieve the function of automatically cleaning the top surface of the sun room glass.

6. Use Low-E glass

Low-E glass, also known as low-emissivity glass, is a film-based product made of a multilayer metal or other compound plated on the glass surface. The coating layer has the characteristics of high visible light transmission and high reflection to mid- far infrared light, and it has excellent heat insulation effect and good light transmittance as compared with common glass and traditional architectural coated glass. Low-E's thermal insulation performance is very good, it can save air conditioning costs. Can also play a certain degree of sound insulation effect, if the sound insulation effect requirements are more stringent then you can use the low-e interlayer and then the hollow form so that the heat insulation effect will be better and the anti-theft effect is very good.

7. Sun room shade

In the moment, the owners often choose the hive shade to shade the honeycomb. The honeycomb ceiling can shield the ultraviolet rays and radiant heat, adjust the light and prevent glare, and adjust the natural air flow to improve the environment. A single lattice does, opens and closes with a special humanity, and at the same time reduces the sun temperature has a direct and significant effect, the shading effect of up to 95%, so as to achieve the purpose of energy-saving sun protection. The best sun room shade.

Editor's summary: The above is the sun room heat insulation, sunshade, sun protection, cooling treatment program allows you to say goodbye to the "sauna room" related introduction, the first sun room appeared in a relatively bright place, because it looks beautiful and novel, more and more deeply People's love, we also began to introduce China, the effect is very good, is a good place for leisure and entertainment.

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