Seed dressing seed dressing can effectively control peanut underground pests

Underground pests seriously affect the normal growth of peanuts, so it is necessary to strictly control peanut underground pests, then how to prevent peanut underground pests? Let's take a look at Xiaobian together.

Apply granules, mix with fine soil to spread enemy, Sasdan and so on. To a certain extent, it can prevent the occurrence of underground pests in peanut fields.

Seed dressing with seed coating agent, the seed coating agent selects a product with high safety, and must be a high-efficiency dosage form specially used for seed coating such as a suspension seed coating agent, a microcapsule suspension agent and a seed treatment dispersible powder. The seed coating agent can be selected from the imidacloprid series, which can effectively control the damage of aphids and stimulate the growth of plant roots. At the same time, when the seed coating agent is used again, it can be used in combination with the new high-fat film to repel subterranean pests and isolate virus infection.

Applying fertilizer, spraying fertilizer when planting, preventing early, further eliminating underground pests and promoting normal and healthy growth of plants.

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